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ISBN# (10):1-4201-0097-1 (13):978-1-4201-0097-6
August 2009
Zebra Books (An imprint of Kensington Publishing Corporation)
119 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018
384 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Eugenie Markham has another mission ahead of her. The shaman for hire always is busy chasing down the bad demons and destroying them, but this time girls are missing from the Otherworld. It is a task she is not looking forward to.

Dorian King of Oak Land had not forgotten Eugenie or their past. It is rumored he often winds up with women that remind him of her. After Eugenie is drawn into danger once again, Dorian worries about her.

After her last battle, Eugenie was honored as becoming Queen of the Thorn Land. Dorian believes she should wear a crown, but she does not wish to draw attention to herself. She has not forgotten the night with Dorian that still haunts her dreams, even though she is currently with boyfriend, Kiyo. She and Kiyo have been seeing each other, yet his ex is pregnant with his child. Could her love life get any worse? When she learns that her kingdom is short on water and young girls are missing, she is reminded of the prophecy concerning the firstborn that could eradicate mankind. That cannot happen. Can she fight, and kill others without remorse, or will the strain be too much for her?

Thorn Queen is an absorbing read that flows at a great pace. I love the character of Eugenie. She is full of fire and spunk, and not afraid to voice her opinions. Yet inside, her heart is often empathetic and full of concern for mankind. The way she and Dorian interact as they try to remember their past and perhaps build something toward the future had me completely embroiled in their story. Richelle Mead does an incredible job in creating the Otherworld with different players that put their spin on happening events. Her characterization of everyone, with their wide range of emotions, makes this an action-packed series not to be missed.

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