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ISBN: (13)9780307457158 Print / 9780307578303 Audiobook/ (13)9780307459165 eBook
October 2009
WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House, Inc.
Print/ Audiobook/ eBook
$13.99 USA; $17.99 CAN Print / $22.50 Audiobook / $9.99 eBook
376 Pages-Print / 8 hours, 37 Minutes Audiobook/ 384 Pages eBook
Christian; Suspense; Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Jordan Hunter, known as Hunt, loves his ex-wife, even after all she has put the family through. But showing up on his doorstep, drunk, to visit the kids during the Christmas season was the last straw, and the first step toward healing for all of them.

For Nina Parker, being a recovering alcoholic is a one step at a time process. She has to live and breathe with her addiction, along with the memories of everyone she has ever hurt.

Nina is going home to Abbey Hills to start again, with her angry teenage daughter next to her. Meg does not understand why her mother suddenly feels she has the right to become a parent and be there, she never has before. Hunt hopes that by spending a week together, his ex-wife and their daughter can come to some sort of understanding. Meanwhile, there is a force that is waiting for Nina, one that has an addiction to blood and wants to claim Nina as its own.

Thirsty starts off in the past and builds from there, gripping the reader from the very beginning and not letting go. Tracey Bateman tells the tale of how Nina struggles with her cravings day in and day out while comparing them to the vampire’s craving for blood in this unique and touching story. I found this book to be a very compelling and heartfelt story of how much the character struggles daily to stay away from the liquor even as she searches for God, who Nina feels has left and forgotten her. The anger Meg feels towards her mother definitely had me feeling sad for the loss of closeness shared, but gave me some insight into the world of being raised by a mother with an addiction. Add in Hunt’s memories of his time with Nina from the moment they met until after they married and this beautifully written novel will touch your heart and soul and leave you remembering it for a long time to come.

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