Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781603949989
August 2012
KK&M Publishing
54 Pages
Contemporary Erotica
Rating: 5 Cups

Jules is shocked to find herself being visited by a thief of hearts who steals into her room at night. She is confused by how or why, but quickly learns she could care less so long as he never stops.

Kane wishes for the woman of his dream and he finds her in a world of dreams. He has no clue she is a real woman until she walks into his reality.

Jules wishes for the man of her dreams, and when she sees him in real life she is sure she must be mistaken. Kane is shocked to see Jules sitting across the room, and out of fear and confusion, he refuses to approach. Will they come to accept what is real and be together or will they live only for their dreams?

Thief of Hearts is a fascinating story which is erotically beautiful in the beginning. When the reader realizes what is going on they will be looking for their own dream lover. Kimberly Zant offers a rare gem of erotic writing which entices the senses and ensnares the heart. I got to the end and found I wanted more of the dream lover story.

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