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ISBN: 1603942539
December 2008
New Concepts Publishing
E-Book / Print
$5.99 / $12.99
186 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sir Oliver Grinwold has been unlucky at gambling. When he loses his estates, he convinces the winner to accept his daughter in payment for the debt. Although Lady Rebecca has no say in the matter, she does not consider leaving home as a great loss, except for having to separate from her brother. At sixteen, however, accompanying her “owner” to his estates is a bit intimidating.

Sir Stephen Lambert, tax collector and King Henry’s advisor, resents being pushed into high-stakes gambling and has no need of an additional estate. As a long-time widower, a young woman may prove a welcome addition to his possessions. After all, there is no need to marry the girl.

After one look at the beautiful Rebecca, Sir Stephen decides he needs a wife. As the lady of the house, she works hard to please her husband and make a good home. His frequent trips on the king’s business, however, leave her alone and needy. When her pregnancy ends tragically and her husband demands that she prevents future pregnancies, she decides one-sided love is not for her. Sir Stephen, however, is determined to win her back.

The Yearning Heart is a delightful story of romance in the 12th century. Sir Stephen and Lady Rebecca are sympathetic characters whose antics keep the story interesting and lively. Although The Yearning Heart is liberally sprinkled with distracting anachronisms, it is an enjoyable read.

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