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ISBN#: 9781441477736
August 2009
Zany Books
Print/ Ebook
$9.99-Print/ 3.49-Ebook
156 Pages
Military, action/adventure, coming of age, literary
Rating: 4 Cups

The year is 1861, and there is a war between the States, one that should not affect Jean-Paul Mercier but does. When his friend asks him to come with him to see a senator, he reluctantly agrees.

Captain Thomas Hines believes that Jean-Paul can be a great asset as a spy for the Confederacy since he is bilingual. Using his job as a reporter as a cover, he is to travel and write stories of the war even as he sends messages back with important information.

With thoughts of being a patriot going through his mind, Jean-Paul soon sets off to America, where his adventure begins. From New York to Washington and beyond, he soon sees the horrors of war and the ravages that are left behind. While all is not horrid, the boy who left Canada will eventually grow up to be a much more somber man. But will his actions as a spy get him caught and if so, will he ever be able to see his wife again?

Mr. Jackson writes an interesting novel that gives us a chance to look into history and see it from another perspective. The Wrong Choice is the story of Jean-Paul, a college student who feels his destiny lies as a spy, as he hopes that by doing so he will be able to save his own country. I was extremely saddened by the tales within the pages, especially when the story talked about the children who were beaten and maimed. This story, which spans three years, is at times a good story to read and at other times I felt as if I were in a history lesson. While I found it to be a noteworthy book, it would not be something I would read time and again.

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