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ISBN: 9780986687242
1986-Print/ November 2010-Reprinted as eBook
295 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Courtney “Court” Farrow lived a life of silk dresses and elegance until she was smuggled out of France to her pirate father. Leaving the sophisticated life of France behind, Court cut her hair, started wearing pants, and learned to fight like a man.

Lieutenant Adrian Ballantine knows that being on the Eagle with Captain Jennings is not his idea of a perfect job. But he was reprimanded and given a year’s probation for an incident that occurred previously with another captain, and he knows this is his last chance to prove he is a worthy Naval Officer.

When Snake Island is attacked by Captain Jennings, Court and all of the pirates who inhabit the land fight the best they can but they are eventually captured. Aboard the Eagle, Court is disguised as a boy but somehow Adrian finds out. She knows someone from her own crew sold them out, and she is determined to avenge her father’s death. As time passes by, Courtney finds that she cannot keep looking at Adrian as the enemy as their passion for each other rises time and again. Will Courtney be able to find out who is the traitor? Can Adrian convince the sexy pirate that he is not the adversary she thinks he is, but a man in love with the enemy?

It has been a LONG time since I have read a pirate adventure such as The Wind and the Sea. The adventure, passion, danger, and betrayal that swirled throughout the pages gave this reader a sense of what life on the high seas must have been like during the nineteenth century. Ms. Canham uses great depictions to describe the battle scenes, making me feel as if I were reading a true historical account instead of a historical romance. Then you have a truly vicious vixen that goes out of her way to use her body to try and destroy the one person she loathes the most…Courtney. Beautifully written, The Wind and the Sea is a swashbuckling tale that calls to the pirate in all of us.

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