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2011 Interview with Rue Allyn

ISBN: 9781603106535/ 1603106537
June 2011
Red Sage Publishing
158 Pages
Erotic Romance; Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Ever since Maggie Winters saw the devastatingly handsome CEO of Carter Enterprises in the magazine, she has vowed revenge. He destroyed her life three years ago when he sent her scientific husband on a mission that cost him his life and cost her the man she loved with all of her heart.

Two years ago, Alec Carter Jr. inherited the company from his father, Alec Carter Sr. Since then he has been trying to right the wrongs that his money hungry father had caused with barely legal schemes.

Using her sexuality and barely leashed sensuality, Maggie plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Alec. When she gets him right where she wants him, Maggie plans on ruining Alec’s world as well as his business reputation. What will happen when her heart starts to see him as something more than a means to getting the revenge her heart had previously craved? Will Alec forgive her for her diabolical plan or will the hard-edged businessman write her off as a mistake?

The Widow’s Revenge was slow to start as Maggie played her cloak and dagger games. Once Ms. Allyn had Maggie and Alec alone together in Lake Tahoe, the story started heating up and not just because of the sex. We finally got to see the emotional attachment between the main characters as well as the constant battle of revenge vs. passion that the heroine experienced time and again. We also got a chance to see the sensual Alec in all of his glory as he became the seductive rake that had Maggie panting with every breath, caress, kiss, and taste that the hero delivered. This is a nice start to Ms. Allyn’s erotic writing career although I would suggest rephrasing some of the descriptive words used in conjunction to body parts.

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