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Book Two, The Vampire Jerome
ISBN: 978-1-933217-50-9
September 2010
Imajinn Books
Paperback/Trade aperback
167 Pages
Paranormal Vampire
Rating: 4 Cups

Dottie survived a vicious vampire attack and turned to her step-sister whose fiancé is a vampire trying to regain his humanity. Receiving treatment while recovering, Dottie needs to stay with the fiancé’s brother, Jerome, who is also a vampire. Even worse, she is starting to care for him.

Jerome wants to help his brother become human again, even though he enjoys the advantages of being a vampire. When Dottie begins staying at his house, Jerome wants to help her recover, even though she drives him to distraction.

An emotionally torn vampire and a woman surviving a vampire attack are attracted to each other and must work together when they face an enemy determined to destroy them.

The Whitcombe Legacy Book Two, The Vampire Jerome, is a rich and detailed story. The fear and anger Dottie displays after attack and then having to live in a vampire’s house during her treatment is palpable. What I admire about Jerome is the angst between his loyalty to family and his enjoying life as a vampire. The sex scenes between the two are romantic, emotionally intense and sensual, but not graphic. The loyalty of friends and family is a major theme in not only this book, but in the series. The book was very much a set-up for the final book of the trilogy and a great follow-up to the first, The Vampire Julian. I look forward to reading how the remaining brother deals with the changes coming for his family.

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