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ISBN# 978-1-4657-5921-4
December 2011
Diana Fraser
192 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Sheikh Zahir al-Zaman is a powerful ruler of his kingdom in Quwaram, and he prides himself on being in control and always getting what he wants. That is why it is so unsettling that he wants a woman whom he spent a night of passion with four years ago, and who he still cannot get out of his mind; A woman who also just happens to be his late brother’s widow.

Anna Whitman grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, and has always valued her education, but more so, her freedom and independence. She is furious that Zahir took her son Matta to Quwaram to be raised by him and his relatives, and flies to the desert empire to confront him and get her son back.

Zahir makes Anna an offer she cannot refuse, marry him and she will be able to complete her education and remain with her son. Zahir hopes that by doing this he will also quench the fire of his obsession for her, and that he can once again get his feelings under control. What they both do not expect is just how deep and transforming true love can be.

Diana Fraser has described her romance novels to be “sensual and emotionally intense” and that rightly defines this book. Through glamorous settings and intimate moments, powerful and unadulterated romance leaps off of the page and transports the reader to a different world. The chemistry between Anna and Zahir is exquisite and the descriptions of the scenery and settings are breathtaking. A must for fans of classic, passionate true romance.

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