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ISBN: 9781402236624
February 2011
344 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Roz Wells has moved into her best friend’s apartment while she is away on her honeymoon. Knowing her best friend married a man who thinks he's a shapeshifting Falcon is bad enough, but the other tenants of the building are just as strange, especially the sexy Konrad who likes to run around naked during the full moon.

Konrad Wolfensen used to be the dean for a private school until a con man came into town and took over his pack. Now he works with his brother for a security company…and he is a werewolf.

Roz finds Konrad to be quite delectable and would like nothing more than to take a couple of bites out of him in a hot and steamy way. But he has some secrets, ones that he is afraid to tell her about. However, she is his mate and in order for him to be able to claim her as his, Konrad will have to find some way to explain to his down-to-earth girlfriend that he is a little on the paranormal side. Will Roz accept him for who he is and can she come to trust him after all of his lies, especially when he needs her complete faith thanks to a pesky ghost who tries to set him up for a crime he did not commit?

The Werewolf Upstairs is a funny, lighthearted, romantic tale that will keep you laughing and smiling throughout the pages. All of the “career choices” Roz and Konrad attempted to explore were hilarious and has me believing that when it comes to novels, Ashlyn Chase knows how to keep the reader entertained. More pizzazz is added to the mix when you read about all of the other unique tenants within the apartment building, which enhances a story that already has a great plot, some steamy scenes, and a couple of hilarious but klutzy moments. Konrad’s character is so endearing; he is described as this hunky and charming man who has a tendency to mess up even the most serious of situations, which just makes the reader fall more in love with him. This is a charming, witty, and lovely tale that I will definitely want to pick up and read a second time.

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