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Fairwick Trilogy
Book 1: The Demon Lover
Book 2: The Water Witch

Fairwick Trilogy, Book 2
ISBN# 9780345524249
12 February 2013
Ballantine Books
352 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Things are heating up in Fairwick for half-fey, half-witch Gothics professor Callie McFay. The liberal college town is full to bursting with mythical creatures to keep things interesting, if only Callie could get over having to exile her lover, Liam, to the Borderlands. He might have been a succubus, but Callie does not want to believe he really intends her harm.

Now that she has been tasked with mastering her powerful and volatile magic, she must accept the aid of a wizard, Duncan Laird, before she accidentally destroys the town. Not only does she have to deal with a growing fascination with her sexy new teacher. She has also become the target of a mentally unbalanced Undine with a penchant for water magic.

The water witch wreaks havoc around Fairwick, and tensions run high. Callie’s grandmother’s coven of conservative witches wants to close the last door between realms and get rid of the fey for good. Callie does not want to lose contact with her fey friends or her last chance to redeem Liam somehow. The conflict makes Callie a hot commodity, since she is the hereditary doorkeeper who holds the key to it all.

The Water Witch is a fun, fast paced story brimming with mythical creatures living the lives of ordinary Joes. I would highly suggest picking up The Demon Lover to get acquainted with Callie and her host of paranormal foibles. It will be interesting to see how this trilogy pans out in the final book.

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