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The Return of the Highlanders Series
Book 1: The Guardian
Book 2: The Sinner
Book 3: The Warrior
Book 4: The Chieftain

The Return of the Highlanders: Book 3
ISBN #978-0446583091
October 30, 2012
400 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When Moira MacDonald was a young lass, she made the mistake of falling in love with the wrong man. It is something she has spent years trying to put behind her. Now the wife of a violent bully, she is no longer a cherished chieftain’s daughter. Moira’s days are consumed with protecting her son from the man he calls father, and wishing her clan would somehow know to send help.

Being born a bastard means spending your life trying to prove your worth. Duncan has always done the right thing, except when he fell hard for his clan chief’s beautiful daughter. Now a man and a renowned warrior in his own right, Duncan is given the task of visiting his former love to ask for her husband’s aid against their mutual clan enemies. He is prepared to feel the sting of seeing the woman he loves happy with another man, but not to see her miserable in her marriage to a traitorous brute.

Moira has no desire to trust the man who broke her heart to help her escape her husband’s cruel plans, but fate has left her no choice. She must protect her heart, and her secrets, as she strives to gain safety for herself and her son. But Duncan is more man and more hero than she remembered. When the past and the present collide, both lovers will be swept away with nothing but each other to hold onto.

The intricate historic detail laced into the threads of this fast paced Highlander novel will be a treat for readers. The characters are complex, with tangled emotions that develop into a highly believable and enjoyable story. Though this book is the third in a planned series, it can stand-alone and is a quick, easy read. This one definitely deserves a tip of the hat.

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