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Warriors of the Light, Book 1
April 2013
Keith Publications, LLC
$ 5.99
283 Pages
Paranormal, Fantasy Romance
Rating: 1 Cup

Erin Roberts is on the run from Marcus Fielding, who is not the charming, vulnerable man she thought he was when she fell in love with him. Instead, he harbors a dark secret and a soul so black it consumes everything. She finds refuge in a haunted penthouse and with a ghost who is her destiny.

Erin’s plan is to get over Marcus, clear her mind, then turn him over to the police. After she falls in love with the resident ghost, Don Rodrigo de Perez, her psychic powers helping with their connection, she learns Marcus is actually a High Warlock in possession of powers beyond her understanding. The only way to get rid of him is to destroy the source of his power, his coven, which is hidden in a castle in the Bavarian Mountains.

On the run with her beloved, and some unexpected allies, Erin uncovers more about her destiny and the evil she is facing, a powerful demon, Tal-gah-mel, who is close to gaining a physical form. If he does, he will destroy the world and enslave her soul for all eternity. In the race against time, with the help of a secret organization, the Theban Legion, dedicated to fighting Satan’s forces, Erin has to find a way to save the world, her ghost, and her soul.

The overall concept and premise of this book is really interesting which is the only saving grace. Unfortunately the awkward flow of the story failed to capture the attention of this reader. The jumps in point of views, sudden reflections into the past, inner thoughts, and scene-shifts are pretty abrupt, at times confusing and unbelievable. I had to go back time after time to see if I missed something. The focus on trying to create an aura of mystery and suspense took away from the character development. More emphasis on character development then sex and suspense, might have made this a salvageable read. Love angles are based on no particular interaction or development; the reader is told who loves who with random inner thoughts making the romance unrealistic. More structure with the storytelling, clearer introductions to scenes, new elements, and characters along with maturity in the dialogue and choice of words could make this story shine.

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