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ISBN #978-1460947791
February 2011
204 Pages
Historical Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Even though Prudence Barnard makes her living as a medium, she is still kind and sensitive and tries to improve the lives of her clients. She is attractive and well mannered.

Knighton Gaunt makes his living as an inquiry agent and the proprietor of Second Sons Inquiry Agency. He is well bred and attractive, but a hard man, determined to find the truth at all times.

Lord Crowley has hired Knighton Gaunt to expose the medium Prudence Barnard as a fraud. Prudence was hired by Crowley’s mother to contact the spirit of her late husband. Prudence manages to comfort the widow and confound the investigator, but Lord Crowley suddenly dies in front of all the guests. Knighton now has a much more serious case to solve and an intriguing and attractive suspect.

I really enjoy mysteries and Ms. Corwin has written an intriguing and engrossing one here. The opening scenes are exciting and suspenseful and really set the stage for the rest of the book. I approved of the victim; Lord Crowley was pretty unpleasant. Prudence and Gaunt are intriguing characters and inspired detectives. The plot is well written and filled with clues for the astute reader, but the author does not give the ending away, making for a very satisfying read for all mystery fans. I am looking forward to seeing more of Prudence and Gaunt in the second book of the Second Sons series.

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