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ISBN# 9781611521603
July 2011
JMS Books
42 Pages
Contemporary /Erotica/Fantasy/Gay Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Vic Braunson drives a bus and lives with his lover, Matt diLorenzo. He also happens to have super powers which he uses to help others.

Matt diLorenzo works at the gym, and is Vic’s lover.

When Matt brings a neighbor’s cat into their home, Vic is less than enthused. Especially when the cat’s owner coming home interrupts their being able to make love. Matt uses the excuse of the cat to begin enthusing about possibly getting a pet which Vic does not think is a good idea. However, it is difficult to hold his ground with Matt since he will do just about anything for the man. When the two finally do manage to get together and have some hot sex, as usual, Matt’s semen gives Vic a rather interesting new power; it allows him to move certain objects with his mind. While he finds this interesting, it is the next bout of lovemaking that really ups the ante, allowing him to move anything containing metal with his mind. Will he be able to safely go to work? There is so much that he deals with daily including the bus he drives that is metal. Between Vic’s super powers and Matt’s yearning for a pet and a deeper commitment, will these two be able to find their common ground?

The V in Valor is definitely a different type of love story, and one I truly enjoyed. The strong bond between Vic and Matt is very well written and really had me cheering for the couple. The daily dealing with whatever super power Vic happens to get each time they make love obviously wears a bit on both men, but even though it is always a grab bag, in the end they handle it. The fact that Vic is aware that he must use his powers in a good way makes the story that much more enjoyable. I loved how all Matt has to do is ask the right way or smile at Vic and Vic will give him just about anything. A well written read that I for one will be re-reading, and getting the other books in this wonderful series!

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