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ISBN# 9781615087839
August 2012
Renaissance E Books Inc.
119 Pages
BDSM Sizzler Submission Bondage
Rating: 2 Cups

Long distance relationships with a Master are just not working for Riley. She needs someone close who can fulfill her desire for complete submission.

Finding the perfect sub is a task Master Alex takes very seriously. He is extremely demanding, and only the most dedicated to his service will be granted his collar.

The thought of disappointing Master Alex has Riley on pins and needles. The man is everything she wants in a Master–gorgeous, forceful and very exacting. Alex is anxious to see if Riley has what it takes to become one of his subs, and devises multiple trials to test her worth. Failure is not an option for Riley, but Master Alex is exceptional at throwing new and often painful experiences her way.

The BDSM lifestyle portrayed in this story is quite probably most people’s stereotypical picture of a D/s relationship. In my opinion, Master Alex is using Riley much like she is a blow-up doll, one that he can pick-up and discard whenever and however he sees fit, without any real heartfelt emotion between them. Personally, I would like to see Alex and Riley interact as man and woman not just Dom and sub.

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