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ISBN#: 9781611242140
November 2011
Amber Quill Press
34 Pages
Gay / Dark Fantasy / Vampire / Romantic Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

Darryl Yates is a member of the undead or a vampire. He is forty-three years old, single, and of all things an accountant. While he would like to have a boyfriend, being undead has kind of cramped his style in that respect.

Daryl Keyes owns a plant nursery and went to high school with Darryl. He has always lusted after Darryl, and now he may just get his chance to see if that lust can go somewhere.

When Darryl’s brother Larry comes over and starts talking about how he needs some plants to liven up his apartment, Darryl thinks he is nuts. After all he is a vampire and has to stay away from sunlight unless he wants to burn up, so what his brother thinks he is going to do with plants that need sunlight he does not know. To top it off, he had a brown thumb when he was fully human. However, it soon becomes clear that Larry is matchmaking again. Imagine his surprise when the guy Larry is trying to match him up with, is the hot guy he had a crush on in high school? Is there even the possibility of romance between a vampire and the plant guy, or is his brother barking up the wrong tree?

I enjoyed reading The Vampire and the Plant Guy very much. There are places in the story that are just laugh out loud funny, and others where you just cannot help but feel sorry for Darryl who was turned into a vampire by a mix-up at the blood bank of all things. I liked Daryl’s acceptance of Darryl’s vampire status, as well as, his handling of Darryl’s little “problem.” I will leave it up to you to read the book and discover what that is. If you enjoy a little humor with your paranormal romance, and like vampires of a different ilk than what you may normally read, then you will enjoy reading The Vampire and the Plant Guy.

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