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Vamp Camp Series

Book1: Vamp Camp
Book 2: The Obscurati
Book 3: The Vamp in the Silver Mask
Book 4: Fangs over America

Book Three in the Vamp Camp Series
ISBN# 9781615817009
April 2011
Dreamspinner Press
200 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Mårten Larsson and his husbands, Oberon and Lonny, are butt-kicking heroes who protect the world from rogue vampires. Lonny is home renovating their house and uncovers something evil. Once released, it must be put down or the men and the world are in danger.

Oberon and Lonny save Mårten from one attack, but the dangers are taking a toll on them. Oberon’s obsession with sex is also a problem, and emotions may be tearing the married trio apart.

The horrible evil associated with the Illuminati has been released, and now the men must face this evil along with their friends and their Queen. They may save the world, but can they save their marriage?

From hunky men to the exhilarating action scenes, the open devotion, and the way-good sex, this is an almost perfect book. While Mårten is the narrator, he is also the bottom of the trio. The plot is spine-tingling, and I did not put this book down. The dialogue is excellent; the Swedish is funny and well placed. Sex…wow, the sex is awesome, hot, and thrilling. One problem is that Mårten’s tone changed when the author was making political comments. However, the only way I noticed this was because I was so into the book. To me there was also a small logic fault in the plot. Why am I mentioning petty things? Because I am also telling people to go grab their credit card and buy this book immediately! This book is absolutely wonderful and you are going to love it. I am off to buy the first two books in the series.

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