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The D'Shar Men

Book 1: The Wanting
Book 2: The Unveiling

The D'Shar Men Book 2
ISBN#: 9781426891434
March 2013
Evernight Publishing
142 Pages
Interracial Scifi Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rivka T’Shar is a Star Maiden, a priestess who upholds the spiritual traditions of her people who also happens to be psychic. She has been waiting for her mate for a long time and is one of the oldest Star Maidens in her people’s history. While she is happy as a Star Maiden it is not without its drawbacks such as not having her mate.

Bastien D’Shar is a member of the royal family of the planet Taggett whose people had to escape their home when their two suns were dying. Living under the promise of a dire prophesy Bastien went through the Purge at seventeen, a process that freezes the emotions, so he could protect his people and be the best general he could be. Now this has backfired on him because the Purge is gone from him, and he is emotions are unfreezing, and…he has found his mate.

When Rivka realizes that the cold unfeeling general, Bastien is her mate, she is livid. How dare he put her through years of loneliness and pain by going through the Purge. While her body recognizes him as her mate, her mind cannot accept what she sees as a betrayal. So, she comes up with a plan, they’ll assuage the physical symptoms by having sex, but there is no way she is going to give him her heart, at least not until he has earned it. But things have a way of changing when danger is near, and when the criminal Tavel comes back on the scene, these two are going to have to work out their differences and come together to help keep human and Shar alike safe before a mad man puts his most diabolical plan yet into action.

The Unveiling has everything I love in a romance, bad guys, good guys, psychic gifts, spiritual traditions, oh, and lots of smokin’ sex! You just cannot go wrong with a story with these elements, and when you mix them together the way Ms. Colt has well the combinations are positively combustible! In short, I loved this story and plan on getting the first book in this series. If you love scifi, and romance and interracial romance then you do not want to miss this second installment of The D’Shar Men.

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