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ISBN- 9781590513132
June 9, 2009
Other Press
272 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dorrit Wenger has been deemed dispensable by the government. She is a fifty-year-old woman who is poor and childless. She is taken to the Second Reserve Bank Unit, where she will be used for experiments and eventually all of her organs will be donated to those people in society who are not dispensable.

Johannes Alby is a man living in the Unit when Dorrit arrives. He is an author who she knew of in the outside world. He is sixty and single with no children, so he, too, has been deemed dispensable by the government.

The unit is a place of luxury and misery. The residents have every need met, but, in return, they are put through tests and trials until the time comes for them to make their final donation. Dorrit never dreamed she would make friends with the residents of the Unit. She is able to find answers to the questions which have plagued her for years, but there is also a sense of loss when dear friends are no longer there.

If I said The Unit did not scare me a little, I would be lying. This book makes a person ask a lot of questions about the world we currently live in. This is a story about finding love when you least expect it, but in the same regards, losing life just when things are looking up for an individual. Ms. Holmqvist certainly made me pause and think. I sincerely hope this is not a look at the future, but it does open the readers’ eyes to the possibilities awaiting us. I would highly recommend the reading of this book to men and women alike. It kept this reviewer glued to the chair until the last page was turned.

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