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ISBN- 9780307454706
January 5, 2010
Anchor Books, a division of Random House Inc.
Trade Paperback
352 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Matthew and Elspeth are now Mr. and Mrs. Harmony. While Matthew may be having second thoughts on his wedding day, he is wholeheartedly glad he went through with it. A surprise honeymoon in Australia for Elspeth holds a few surprises for Matthew as well.

Angus Lordie and his dog, Cyril, are still constant companions. Cyril’s dalliance with a lady dog has created a bit of an issue for Angus. Even with Cyril by his side, Angus is feeling lonely. He begins to think marriage may be a way to solve his loneliness.

Life on Scotland Street, in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland, is rolling along. The residents are still as lively as ever. A marriage, a break-up, and a few realizations about the neighbors keep Scotland Street filled with excitement. Now, Lard O’Connor brings a painting to Matthew’s art gallery, claiming it belonged to his aunt. In turns out to be the painting Sir Henry Raeburn had done of Robert Burns that has been lost for many years. Angus discovers a secret about his friend Demonica’s, neighbor. Sweet little Bertie Pollock makes a plea to his father to join Cub Scouts and Bertie is able to find a way to escape his unbearable mother.

This book is from the 44 Scotland Street series. As someone who has not read any of the series until this one, I would say this is a standalone tale. However, after reading The Unbearable Lightness of Scones, I do not understand why a person would avoid reading the others. Stepping onto Scotland Street and meeting the residents there is a truly special treat. The characters are so life-like and dynamic. Little Bertie Pollock and his friend, Tofu, are by far my favorite residents. They add an element to this tale unlike any other. These two youngsters are wise beyond their years and the things that come from their mouths are humorous. Mr. McCall Smith has gained a new fan in this reviewer.

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