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ISBN# 0-06-079358-9
August 10, 2006
Avon Books
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
$6.99 U.S./$9.99 Canada
304 Pages
Mystery (Series)
Rating: 4 Cups

Ophelia Jensen is a librarian and a witch with psychic skills that sometimes can be a nuisance. Her paranormal comes in handy when it comes to searching for a lost person, and once again, the hunt is on for a missing teenager.

Grandmother Abby, a crafty sorceress, partners with Ophelia.

Rick Delaney, an investigative reporter, needs Ophelia’s help again and if she can persuade Abby to join in the search, it will even be better.

Duane Hobbs, a handyman, wanders in the woods near Gunhammer Lake.

Walking Quietly, a Native American, keeps a vigil eye on the nearby community, cautious of guests.

Brandi Peters, a teen, is missing in the wilds of Minnesota. They believe she belonged to some group producing paranormal research and physic investigations.

Tink, short for Tinkes Belle, is the thirteen-year-old niece of Juliet Finch. She lives with Juliet and Jason Finch.

Ophelia cannot believe that Rick needs her assistance. Not only did she fail with the last case, but she got shot and almost died and now, he not only needs her, but encourages her to bring Abby along, after all, two witches will brainstorm better than one. He suspects Brandi’s disappearance is linked to a possible psychic cult, serviced by Jason and Juliet Finch. The same people who cater to their niece, Tink, whom they believe to be disturbed. Abby is all for the trip. When the two arrive at the lake community, they are surrounded with some sundry characters. Ophelia tries to stay clear of wandering Duane, and Walking Quietly continues to gaze her way but he is a kind man that she enjoys conversations. The mysterious shaman seems to know things that he is not saying at the time. Ophelia cannot put a finger on Tink, but learns more about with each passing day. With the intense hunt for Brandi underway, Ophelia and Abby are cast in a mirage of events as a local murder places them in a labyrinth of dark secrets, not to mention a cottage where evil dwells and only the brave dare to enter.

The Trouble with Witches is a book that I have to say I am sorry that I have not read the others in the series. Had I known about Ms. Damsgaard and how intriguing the writing, the characters and the whole ambience of the engaging stories would be, I would have picked up one and read it sooner! I absolutely adored Ophelia, and Abby is to die for, a grandma assisting in a hunt. This is a very entertaining read. The characters of Rick, not to mention Walking Quietly, and even Tink, really made this book thoroughly interesting. Ms. Damsgaard hooked me from the beginning. It was like a fish going for the bait; I was awestruck and ready for more as the pages kept turning. Charming, elegant and astonishingly well plotted, this is one book that should not be missed, as well as the other in the series! A very talented author indeed!

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books