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ISBN: 9780061962202-Print/ 9780062020260-eBook
November 2010
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Print/ eBook
$13.99-Print/ $10.99-eBook
270 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Jennifer Levenworth knows that while most people looking in would think she and her husband have the perfect life, they would be wrong. Her husband works long hours as a judge, and the only time they seem to get intimate is for a five-minute quickie while she is ovulating.

Judge William Levenworth becomes headline news when he is indicted for taking bribes from lawyers. While he swears up and down that he is innocent and his wife believes him, he can tell that others have already found him guilty.

Determined to believe her husband is innocent, Jennifer continues to stand by his side even as her supposed friends dump her faster than last year’s fashion. With all the stress that is occurring in her life, Jennifer gets help from her herbalist who prescribes an herbal pill for her. But while taking it, she begins to dream about everyone else’s life. As she starts to understand why they are the way they are, an unexpected gift in the form of a new bond between Jennifer and Will begins to grow from his new job status. As she continues to struggle to figure out what is truth and what is just a dream, Jennifer soon realizes that she must first face her own reality in order to understand those around her.

The Transformation of Things is one amazing novel as it takes the reader from Jennifer and Will’s lowest point to their pinnacle. The journey Jennifer takes as we see her (in the beginning as the frustrated and lonely wife, in the middle as the supportive but beginning to question his innocence, to the end as a woman who has finally figured out who she is) is a non-stop ticket that is full of enriching details and scenes vivid enough that we can practically taste the bitterness, the sorrow, disappointment, self-hatred, and frustration each character is feeling. Ms. Cantor gives us a tale unlike anything I have read before and am unlikely to experience with another book. The urge to read faster continuously ran through my mind as I tried to push my reading ability to its limits just to see what happens next. I swear I think my fingertip impressions are still on the book as I held it tightly in my clutches. Finally, the dramatic finish, which left me with no unanswered questions, and yet had me aching as now I was finished, I could put this wonderful book down -- yet I wished I was at the beginning again, just so I could enjoy this tale once more.

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