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ISBN: 978-0-9876894-4-3
September 2011
Naughty Nights Press
56 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Her job and much of her life is tightly controlled, but what Tessa craves more than anything is to be able to let go. She longs to have someone in her life take complete control of her mind, body and soul.

By asking the right kind of questions He can do his job properly, and for Tess he wants that with a passion.

Fear and excitement skitter along every nerve ending as Tess meets Him for the first time. His voice, His eyes, and mostly His commands, are almost more than she can handle, but to give up now is not something she is willing to do. He takes her to heights she never imagined she could reach, but is she willing to give enough? To reach the ultimate goal Tess will have to have the strength to surrender everything, and even then her worst fears might be realized.

Every emotion, sensation and thought that Tess experiences is laid bare for the reader to enjoy. Her strength is amazing, and though I cannot imagine stepping into something so intense with a complete stranger, it does add an element of excitement that heightens the experience. The Master is such a powerful figure in this story, and yet you are allowed only the tiniest glimpses of Him. Like Tess, it just makes you want Him more and more.

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