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Book #3 of the Spam the Cat Purranormal Mysteries
ISBN# 9781619501126
September 28, 2012
Gypsy Publishing Company
187 Pages
Fantasy Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Spam is a curious cat. He enjoys sleeping, eating, and plenty of head rubs but he also likes visiting his friends in his town, both human and animal. He has dealt with supernatural trouble in the past and it looks like he will need to use his super sleuthing abilities once again to save his town.

Marigold and Mat are Spam's half-sister and brother. Marigold's family begins acting strangely, and being a young cat, she turns to Spam for help. When they talk to Mat they see strange goings-on in the nursing home. Now, together they start piecing the clues together and with some help from their friends they discover the truth. Every human in the town is a zombie. They will have to figure out how to break the Voodoo hex if they want their lives to return to normal.

Spam has always wanted to be a great cat detective like his idol Joe Grey. So far he has been able to show off his skills pretty well. Not long ago he saved the town from vampires but now that life has settled into normalcy, there is a new threat. Zombies show up on a tour bus one night and afterwards the townspeople start acting strange. Some of his favorite people who sneak him food could care less anymore. And his beloved owner, Darcy, is next on the list of converts. With the help of his half-sibling, the vampire, Maddog and Renfrew the raccoon, he will gather clues and wage a war against the zombie apocolype-o, so he can finally sleep and get some goodies.

This is a delightful little mystery. Anyone who is a cat owner and has watched the various kitty-isms in play will appreciate the Spam character. He is loveable, smart, frisky and he knows it. The sleuthing from animal perspective is unique and fun. Because of his heightened senses, Spam is able to discover things that mere humans might overlook. The supporting animal characters add good comic relief and are portrayed well. If you are not a fan of cats or first feline point of view, then this story might not be for you. But if you are an animal lover and enjoy reading something new, I suggest you give this a try. This cat novel moves along quickly and smoothly and has an enjoyable climax.

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