ISBN 1-59632-034-6
September 2004
Loose Id
Futuristic Homosexual
5 Cups

THE SYNDICATE 1 is an absolutely excellent futuristic story of lust becoming love, and
of two people willing to drop their protective barriers to love openly and unselfishly.  By
the way, it is the story of two men.

THE SYNDICATE 1, by Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave begins with a self-contained
IT guru, Allard, leaving his job to sign up with a “syndicate” ship.  Think of it as a
commune of owners with a man who acts as captain but who understands that
everyone owns the ship.  Allard wants to remain somewhat separate during his trial run
with the ship and holds himself apart from the others.  His work is wonderful, and Allard
admits he has a hard time opening up to others, especially romantically.  Vaughn, the
ship’s captain, is deep into the “syndicate” mentality and while he wants Allard, he is
not sure about being in such a focused relationship.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Woolgrave have written a nearly perfect humorous futuristic
romance.  In addition, since it is a romance, I do not think I am spoiling anything by
telling you the way the men move from lust to openly caring is just wonderful.  One of
the best parts of the book is how fully developed the characters are.  The supporting
characters are great, from two crewmembers talking about how the men may be
reacting when together to a touchy artificial intelligence computer.  My favorite is the
voyeur who gets upset when the men do not behave as he thinks they should.  

All segments of this book are dynamic and connect the book in a very interesting
manner.  I regretted that it had to end, and am so glad I got to review THE SYNDICATE
1.  I am looking forward to the next volume in this series.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books and
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance