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The Sweetest Dark Series
Book 1: The Sweetest Dark

The Sweetest Dark Series, Book 1
ISBN# 978-0-345-53170-4
April 9, 2013
Bantam Books
Hard Cover
$16.00 US/$19.00 CAN
334 Pages
Young Adult/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Orphanages are dark, desolate places in the best of times, although Eleanore Jones has never known anything different. With the war getting near, London’s children are being sent away. Eleanore, though, cannot fathom why she is being sent to the illustrious girls' school, Iverson.

Time is drawing near for Jesse Holms to meet his destiny. His dreams of her will finally be realized, yet he must proceed with caution and care.

The stones that sing to Lora are nothing compared to Jesse’s song. He is the answer to everything that haunts her, although what he reveals is no less terrifying. Lora is far different than any other human being on Earth, which makes her connection to Jesse so rare and precious. Lord Armand also has a place in Lora’s life, but it is not one that will come easily or without cost.

A poor rag tag girl trying to find her way amongst a pit of viperous blue blooded young ladies is not a new concept, yet this story is no less inviting. Every word and action within these pages is deliberate and perfectly executed. I love that Lora’s discovery of self suffers all of the usual stumbles and pitfalls, even when it is on a completely different scale. Jesse, Armand, and Lora spin a fascinating tale which you will find, much to your delight, is only getting started.

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