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The Lakeshore Chronicles Series

Book 1: Summer at Willow Lake
Book 2: The Winter Lodge
Book 3: Dockside
Book 4: Snowfall at Willow Lake
Book 5: Fireside
Book 6: Lakeshore Christmas
Book 7: The Summer Hideaway
Book 8: Marrying Daisy Bellamy
Book 9: Return to Willow Lake
Book 10: Candlight Christmas

ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2799-8
March 2010
421 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

No one can imagine how hard it is to remain free of relationships more than Claire Turner. Her work as a private duty nurse lets her feel connected to humanity, but with her patients, longevity is not an option.

It is terrifying to face one’s mortality, but George Bellamy intends to make every last moment count. For starters he made a list, and at the top is reuniting with a brother he has not seen in 50 years.

Death is not easy. It is messy, painful, and terribly undignified, but George is adamant about living his last few weeks own his own terms, and that means hiring a nurse to help make it happen. Claire is exactly what he is looking for, not only in a nurse but maybe for his grandson Ross as well. Claire has been on the run for so long, it feels completely alien to stay in a place like Camp Kioga, where George spent summers as a youth. The picturesque camp is beyond her wildest dreams, but it is George and Ross who make her realize just how empty her heart and soul have become with no one to love.

The power of family and the relationship of a grandfather and his grandson are brilliantly depicted in this novel by Susan Wiggs. She shoots straight to your heart with her uncanny ability to polarize what it is to be loved and how that feeling transcends not only the generations but also life itself. Ross and George have a relationship that most of us would beg to experience, and they enfold not only Claire but also the reader within that warm embrace. Claire’s past makes a fleeting appearance, but it is George’s that elicits the most amazing feelings for this reader.

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