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ISBN #: 9781454301066
November 2011
Red Rose Publishing
E book
18 pages
Rating: 1 Cup

Fern is the oldest of her six sisters, all named after flowers. Fern hates her name. Aside from her flawed family history, Fern seems no different than the obsessive members of her family, except in one respect—she has survived past the age of seventeen.

Fern's mother is a compulsive gardener. She prunes, only the pruning is psychological. She feels you have to prune to get the best bloom. Fern’s father, a pilot, ran off and had seven boys with someone else. He named them after baseball fields.

Gradually all the sisters but Fern die. The first, an overstressed over achiever, dies at school of heart failure. Of her other siblings, one hangs herself, two jump to their deaths, and one has a relationship with a funeral director’s son who helps her embalm herself. Another shoots herself. All six girls die looking like angels, sweetly and peacefully—maybe. The mother is detached, almost expecting it. The question for the reader and Fern is, why does she survive?

This reader/reviewer is shocked at the cavalier way the deaths of children is treated in this third of what must be an anthology of family stories. There is imagination and there is poor taste. This is beyond gallows humor. I feel like a California liberal when I say this author should go to jail for contributing to the delinquency of minor girls. The only hero in this story is the pilot father who flew out of the messy nest he’d created to go to god-knows-where to raise his baseball fields. Sick, not funny.

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