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Kincaid/James Novels

Book 1: A Share In Death
Book 2: All Shall Be Well
Book 3: Leave The Grave Green
Book 4: Mourn Not Your Dead
Book 5: Dreaming Of The Bones
Book 6: Kissed A Sad Goodbye
Book 7: A Finer End
Book 8: And Justice There Is None
Book 9: Now May You Weep
Book 10: In A Dark House
Book 11: Water Like A Stone
Book 12: Where Memories Lie
Book 13: Necessary As Blood
Book 14: No Mark Upon Her
Book 15: The Sound of Broken Glass

Kincaid/James Novels, Book 15
ISBN # 9780061990649
12 May 2014
William Morrow
531 Pages
Contemporary Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

In the present, Gemma James is called to the scene of the murder of a barrister while her husband, Duncan Kincaid, remains home with their young foster daughter. Gemma and her colleague, Melody Talbot, trail the man to a club in Crystal Palace where a local band played a few sets. As they dig for clues, they discover a connection to the up and coming young guitarist named Andy.

In the past, a lonely young widow befriends a young Andy in the South London community of Crystal Palace. The boy has nothing but a guitar and a desire to belong. Then a betrayal destroys two fragile lives and leaves a mark that lasts for decades.

As Gemma and her team uncover the twisted trail leading from the past to the present, what they find will forever alter their perception. Lives collide, relationships crumble, and the truth is finally revealed. In the end, it will be Duncan Kincaid whose life will never be the same.

The subtle blending of the past and the present in this novel is done seamlessly and moves the plot in unexpected directions. Readers will enjoy the unique mix of hard-core murder mystery with the messy lives of the detectives on the case. Even though this is the fifteenth book in Ms. Crombie’s series, it can be read as an exciting stand-alone mystery.

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