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ISBN#: (10) 1484981596 / (13) 9781484981597
July 2013
C.W. Burgett
E-Book / Hardcopy
$ 3.99/$ 14.95
250 Pages
Mystery, Police Thriller
Rating: 3 Cups

A year ago, United States Virginia’s beloved senator is found murdered in his isolated cabin and his killer is caught. Just as the case is coming to a close, reporter Jack Basset, finds a way to get in to talk to the killer and get an exclusive story.

This move opens a Pandora’s box. Within a couple of hours after the secret interview, all the people Jack came in contact with, including the killer, are murdered in various incidents. He immediately knows he is next, but unfortunately before he can get away with his family, they catch up with him. In a bid to get his wife and kid away, he stays behind.

Luck is with him when he is also able to get away and catch up with his family, but the people after him are always one step next to them. The involvement of politicians and corrupted people in high places in the agencies make them easy to track down via government resources. Now in a bid against time, in the midst of explosions, conspiracies, and an ancient secret society, it is up to Jack to unravel the truth and somehow expose everyone involve before they catch up with him and his family. So far the future seems bleak. Will they survive?

Debut author Mr. Burgett, kicks off his book with a fascinating premise and the concept of a corrupt secret society working through the ages from the time of Cain, creating discord. The whole idea completely pulled me in; however, Mr. Burgett needs to work a bit more on showing the story in a compelling manner. The thing which disappointed me most and put me off is the dialogue between the characters, especially the climatic face-off. Many of my guesses and speculations turned out to be spot on pretty much from the beginning but the journey, twists, and turns kept me guessing until the very end. I absolutely love how he is able to tell a ruthless story without pulling any punches or resorting to foul language and sex. In fact one of the killers used some language that actually made me bring out my dictionary. The Sons of Cain is recommended for anyone who wants to read a good, clean, thrilling mystery with twists at every turn and villains without remorse. This author is on my list to watch, and I look forward to more books by Mr. Burgett.

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