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ISBN: 9780345501899
April 2011
Villard Books, an imprint of Random House Publishing Group
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Contemporary Fiction; Satire; Contemporary Women
Rating: 3 Cups

Daisy Greenbaum knows that she and her family do not live in the best house and do not have the most amount of money. But she also knows that if there is trouble, she has a way of making sure the trouble disappears.

Dick Greenbaum has a secret life outside of his home. His work is not always ethical, his ex-mistress wants to get back with him, and his wife suddenly seems different.

When Daisy finds out that Dick’s boss is threatening him, she makes sure his threats will never see the light of day. And when Dick’s former mistress, Petra becomes an embarrassing nuisance Daisy takes care of that as well. Even as the Greenbaum’s begin to live an easier life, there are those who suspect that the socialite is not all she seems to be. Will Daisy finally be stopped before all of the victims on her hit list mysteriously disappear?

Molly Jong-Fast takes the reader on a tour of what life is like for the extremely rich in this humorous tale. The Social Climber’s Handbook has many characters that are not only rich money-wise but they are rich in their twisted lives. I did not always understand some of the more zany things that Daisy’s twin girls did such as go to different schools, have a shrink just because, or even know what a cleanse is. Whether or not this is a true look into how some of the wealthy women raise their children in their society, it makes me realize I am glad to not be one of them. This is an enjoyable novel that will have you shaking your head at the antics each of the characters pull.

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