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ISBN#: 9780061576621
August 2011
Harper, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
384 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Phoebe Hall is in need of a change of scenery. Her Manhattan life is falling apart. Her boyfriend announces that their relationship was over one night after dinner. Phoebe is accused of plagiarizing her best-selling book. Luckily, Phoebe’s friend, Glenda, has a spot available for Phoebe, as a teacher at a small college in Lyle, Pennsylvania.

The Sixes are a secret collegiate society of girls. The Sixes believe in empowering women. Unfortunately, they also believe in bullying or hurting others in order to feel that empowerment.

Two months in to her stint at Lyle College, Phoebe is on her way to dinner when she notices a cluster of students and faculty on campus. A female student has gone missing. It does not take long for the body to be found in the river nearby. The investigative side of Phoebe begins to ask questions of her friend, Glenda. When Phoebe discovers that this is not the first body found in the river, the questions keep bubbling to the surface. All fingers point at the secret society of girls on campus known as The Sixes. A deeper look into the group and their practices puts a target on Phoebe’s back which, in turn, brings memories to the surface that Phoebe would rather forget.

I was delighted when The Sixes came across my desk. I became a fan of Ms. White’s early in my reviewing career, and I was certainly not disappointed with this latest book. From chapter one, I was glued to the sofa and putting this book down was not an option. The depth of the mystery contained in this book amazed me. As a reader, the world around you disappears as you become engulfed within the pages. I felt so smart because I had the mystery solved very quickly, yet I did not feel so smart when I got to the end only to discover that I was way off-course. Just goes to show the brilliance of Kate White’s mind, in my opinion.

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