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ISBN#: 978-1-60260-562-6
November 2009
Barbour Publishing, Inc.,
320 Pages
Ratings: 5 Cups

Gertrude, ‘Gert,’ Dooley does two things well, cook and shoot. After arriving in Fergus, Idaho, the once lanky girl has turned into a housewife, for the exception she is not a wife.

Ethan is considered one of the finest men in Fergus. After serving in the army, some of the past still weighs heavily on his mind. He is glad he can confide in Hiram.

Gert goes to Fergus to help her brother, Hiram, since his wife Violet was to have a baby. Upon arriving, she learned Violet had died. She stays on and cooks and cleans for her brother. When the sheriff is found dead, everyone turns to Ethan and puts him in charge. He hates turning down the position of sheriff when the women ask for protection. Some of the women decide to organize a shooting club and teach others the use of firing the weapon. While taking the responsibility of being acting sheriff, and trying to find out who killed the sheriff, he and Gert form a binding friendship. After giving up on courtship a long time ago, can Ethan surrender to what could be the best gratification in his life?

The Sheriff’s Surrender is a remarkable story. I believe the love that binds Gert and Ethan together is truly extraordinary. I like the bit of shyness Ethan projects, especially when he is around Gert. He reminds me of the timid cowboy like Tom Selleck sometimes plays in his movies when he is around the female gender. Truly magnificent; I liked that part about Ethan. To me it made him appear human in every respect. Susan Page Davis has woven a terrific story touching the heart of this reader. Immediately she pulls the reader into a town with many acquaintances blending together an impressive read.

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