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ISBN: 9780352345271
May 1998/ Reprint 2009
Black Lace, an imprint of Virgin Books LTD.
$12.95(USA)/ $16.50(CAN)/ £7.99(UK)
249 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Steve Roth has made up a list, seven things you want to do with your life. Fill them out and then seven years later get together and see how many have achieved what they wrote down. Giving them to his classmates, Steve states that there will be an invitation for the reunion when the seven years is up.

Julia Sargent was going to change the world. Or at least that is what she stated on the list from seven years ago. But the photographs of different countries and people suffering are not to be. Instead, she works for a gossip magazine. When the invitation comes in the mail, she cannot wait to see Steve and hopes to reconnect in more ways than one.

Nick Trent was Julia's boyfriend back in school and he is hoping for a hook-up himself. When passions flame between them and Julia, both men are caught up even as the jealousy and rivalry of the past rears its ugly head. A sexual game is played, one that will determine who gets the girl and who goes home empty handed. But at the end of the day, Julia is the one who may be hurt the worst when the one she loves betrays her in the most unfortunate way.

The Seven Year List is a great book full of both fantasy and realism. Who would not want to redo some of their "what if" moments from school? Ms. Le Verdier shows us Julia, a woman who may be twenty-five but still has some growing up to do. Steve and Nick both have issues as neither want to admit defeat and a childish game is played. A steamy and vibrant novel, the sensual promise of tangy sex is a guarantee when you open this book.

Caution: This tale contains m/f/m, voyeurism, f/f, anal foreplay, anal sex, pretend forced sex, and m/m/m/f scenes.

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