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ISBN: 9781605921389
September 2010
Noble Romance
221 Pages
Erotic Romance; Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Simone Devereux has inherited her Aunt Celeste’s home. She will do whatever it takes to find out what really happened to her aunt.

Trent Grayson lives next door to Simone. He has an agenda of his own; one that will work better once he can get Simone out of the way.

When she moves in, Simone soon realizes there is more than just a murder mystery to solve. There is a pair of ghostly brothers who only want to pleasure her - at least at first. But once Trent’s true reason for wanting her out of the way comes to fruition, the brothers begin to show their true nature one cold chill at a time. Now Simone and Trent must work together not only to catch a determined serial killer, but they must find some way to release the two spirits from a curse that has held them for a hundred years.

The Seduction of Simone is a good story. Ms. De Sues uses the paranormal world and adds an erotic touch to this novel. I like how there is more than one storyline going on and how all three tales are later linked together. I found Simone to be a realistic woman who believes whole heartedly in her faith and her background as a gypsy. Trent is this strong alpha male who shows his willingness to believe in the paranormal, even though his work is mainly of the scientific nature through the use of electronics. Between their two very different backgrounds it made this tale fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

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