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The Secrets of Hadley Green Series

Book 1: The Year of Living Scandalously
Book 2: E-Novella: The Christmas Secret
Book 3: The Revenge of Lord Eberlin
Book 4: The Seduction of Lady X
Book 5: The Last Debutante

The Secrets of Hadley Green Series, book 3
ISBN: 9781439175477-Print/ 9781439175514-Digital
April 2012
Pocket Star, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Mass Market Paperback/ eBook
400 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When she married Edward Carey, Olivia thought all of her hopes and dreams for a married life were about to come true. She soon learned that nothing but terror and debilitating words waited for her and not the declaration of undying love that she yearned for.

Harrison Tolly is steward to the drunkenly pompous and overbearing Marquis Carey. The main reason he stays on, other than for the money he earns, is because of the woman he has come to love, Lady Olivia Carey herself.

When Olivia's younger sister Alexa turns to her for help, she in turn looks for advice from Harrison. What she does not realize until it is too late is that by seeking his help, she has set in motion a catastrophic cause and effect that can only end in heartbreak. Harrison would do anything for his dear Olivia, even marry her younger sister. When Lady Carey realizes her feelings for her husband's steward are more than just fluttering feelings of friendship, Olivia knows nothing can come of the blossoming love she feels for him. Unless there is some miracle that is waiting around the bend that will solve her state of matrimony as well as Harrison's intended state of marriage.

What a beautiful and bittersweet tale Ms. London has woven! The poignant moments between Olivia and Harrison were so heart wrenching, I could practically see their sorrows flowing off the pages and into the air. Alexa is another astounding character, as she fluxuates between childishly spoiled to a lady trying to make her way in the world. Edward is the evil villain that I love to loathe as his character oozed with the disdain he continuously showered upon his wife. The Seduction of Lady X was a wonderful book to read and I enjoyed each and every moment of this novel.

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