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ISBN: 9780061878329
October 2010
Avon, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Print/ eBook
$14.99-Print/ $9.99-eBook
301 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Edward Dalton is having his seventy-fifth birthday party, and he wants all four of his beloved nieces together again. He has a secret he has been keeping from them, and though he is not ready to reveal it, he does want to see them together again and happy for a change.

Ellie dropped everything to stay with Uncle Edward. She left her career, her husband, and her life behind and has become a recluse in his home.

Amanda is the one who uses monetary means to show her affection, believing that a maxed out credit card means they can finally show everyone how much they are worth. But in doing exactly that, she has lost her husband and may just lose everything else in the process.

Babe is the mega-superstar actress who made a name for herself. But in all the years that she has graced the Hollywood screen, she never really got what she wanted…the boy next door.

Carleen is the typical middle-class mom, but her background reads like a horror story out of juvenile hall. A horrendous accident years ago, followed shortly thereafter by another tragedy, had her running as fast and far as she could to get away from the mistakes she has made.

All four sisters are now back together, but they refuse to delve into the past. Ellie, Amanda, and Babe are furious with Carleen for the accident that shattered all of their lives. But she has a secret, one that could give her the chance to explain what really happened that dreadful night. Will the four sisters finally be able to get the peace they so desperately need or will they each go their separate ways once again?

The Secret Sisters Keep is a tragic story that has many different elements within the pages. Ms. Drake shows us her writing talent as love, compassion, anger, hurt, hatred, lust, betrayal, and forgiveness swirl throughout this tale. I thought the way the chapters bounced to a different character gives a chance to see things through their eyes, really making this book more entertaining. Some of the quirkiness just adds a zest of fun and allowed me to take a break from all the drama, to sigh in relief and even laugh a bit. As I got further into the novel, I really began to feel a connection to these four girls (although I must say Amanda drove me nuts most times), and it allowed me to really share in their stories as they were revealed. What a great novel this turned out to be, and I enjoyed reading it.

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