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The Mistress Trilogy Series
Book 1: More than a Mistress
Book 2: No Man’s Mistress
Book 3: The Secret Mistress

The Mistress Trilogy Series, Book 3
ISBN# 9780385343312/ 9780440423324
July 12, 2011
Delacorte Press
Hardcover/ eBook
$24.00/ $11.99
318 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Angeline Dudley is very excited about her coming out, even if she knows she is a dark beanpole of a girl. Knowing firsthand from her rakish brothers what life with a rogue is like, she is looking for a man who is nothing like her dashing family. She longs for a quiet life and from her first glimpse of the solid and steadfast Earl of Heyward, she suspects she may have found her man.

Edward Ailsbury had not planned on ever becoming the Earl of Heyward. He was the spare after all, rather than the actual heir. But that day has indeed come and Edward is determined to be the Earl his family needs, taking his title very seriously. Since he is now the sole holder of the title, he has to take care of a few duties, including getting married and seeing that the line is passed on. Lady Angeline is everything he thinks he does not want—reckless, wild, brash—but she may be everything that he needs.

With Edward sure that he would be far happier to marry his longtime and equally steady friend, Eunice and Angeline determined to show him that he loves her as much as she loves him, sparks begin to fly. Angeline with her bold hats and frank words should make Edward certain that she is the wrong woman. But will he be able to resist the passion he finds in her arms?

A lady of stature both in title and height, Angeline will win the hearts of readers with her charming mix of sweet innocence and daring. From her bold hats to her frank nature, quiet Edward didn’t really stand a chance. But when we learn that Edward, like so many still waters, runs deeper than he first appears, the reader is left swooning at the beautifully written historic love story that finishes this fun trilogy. Stuffy meeting brazen may have been done before, but the dialogue and description in this story make it a must read in this reviewers opinion.

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