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The Chattan Curse Series

Book 1: Lyon’s Bride
Book 2: The Scottish Witch

The Chattan Curse, Book 2
ISBN# 978006/2070234
30 October 2012
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Portia Maclean is tired of being the dutiful daughter. Managing the family finances is difficult when her mother refuses to acknowledge that their no good father has left them in dire straits. Mother would rather focus on marrying Portia’s beautiful sister to the wealthiest man she can find. Portia will do anything to stay ahead, even masquerade as a two-hundred-year-old witch named Fenella.

Harry Chattan is ripping apart the Scottish countryside, looking for a way to break the curse that has dogged his family line for more than two hundred years. His brother is dying simply because he has found a woman he loves. When someone named Fenella contacts Harry, he thinks he has finally found a link to the original witch.

But Fenella is not what she seems. Instead of an old crone, he finds Portia. The more Harry digs, the more he discovers a very real, very alluring female. Instead of aiding him in breaking the curse, Portia teaches Harry why love is worth dying for.
The subtle blending of Highland magic and romance draws readers deep into the desperate search for a witch to break the Chattan curse. Harry and Portia have a lively chemistry at odds with their independent personalities. However, once the two lovers discover they cannot live without each other, the curse seems to triumph. I can only hope the next book in this series will provide some way for Harry, and his brother, to survive to enjoy their ladyloves.

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