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ISBN#: 9781611184167
May 2011
Loose ID
E Book
163 Pages
Contemporary, Ménage, GBLT, M/F, M/M/F
Rating: 5 Cups

Jake is a scientist, so you would think he would be smart enough to know if he were gay, right? Nothing has panned out with the ladies until he meets a supermodel, a man! Confused because he thought himself in lust with his boss, instead all points lead him to Roan.

Roan is a very gay supermodel with a tendency toward a very special select few ladies. Jake, a straight guy, drops into his life and not only teaches him about true love, but also brings an added bonus of Em.

Em has always had a thing for Jake, but figures she has lost her chance when he moves in with his girlfriend, or is that boyfriend? Little does she know but Jake and Roan have a special place reserved for her in their bed.

Once Roan meets Em, he falls for her as hard as Jake, but their relationship is ill-suited for academia life. How much are they willing to sacrifice in order to be together?

All I can is, WOW! The Scientist and the Supermodel is a love story of epic proportions. Dealing with the emotions of two is difficult enough, but finding a place for three is an intricate dance. Tara Lain is an outstanding writer who writes from the heart and teaches the reader three is better than two. I was just as enthralled by the other characters and hope Jake’s brother will have his own story soon as it was difficult to walk away from the world of The Scientist and the Supermodel.

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