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ISBN# 1449580238
November 2009 (Possibly Not Available at this time)
Eirelander Publishing
109 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Keara McCabe has just gone thru the most horrible thing. After a night out with a friend they are attacked by a vampire, her friend dies and she gets away, her blood takes down the vampire.

Gannon Langon happens to be in a diner when Keara walks in to freshen up and then leaves. He is with his sister, and they both smelled vampire and blood on her as she left, so he follows her just to check out the situation.

After witnessing a murder and being attacked by a vampire, Keara is on the run and the one hoping to help her, Gannon, happens to be a lycan or werewolf. As Gannon finds out, she may also not like being his mate either, although he will protect her with his life if needed, since her blood is the key. It has killed at least one vampire by drinking it and now everyone lycan and vampire alike want to find out exactly what is in her blood or who or what she really is.

This has you enthralled from the get go and almost never lets up with something happening or new information coming at you with each page and paragraph. Imagine thinking yourself invisible to hide from anyone and a few other powers as well. There is enough action to keep you glued and also enough ready and willing sex to keep you entertained as well. The story has a good balance as well including some inside humor and an ensemble cast of characters with various background and species to boot.

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