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The Secrets of Hadley Green Series

Book 1: The Year of Living Scandalously
Book 2: E-Novella: The Christmas Secret
Book 3: The Revenge of Lord Eberlin
Book 4: The Seduction of Lady X
Book 5: The Last Debutante

The Secrets of Hadley Green, Book 3
ISBN# 9781439175460/1439175462
February 21, 2011
Pocket Books
400 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lily, Lady of Ashwood, remembers fondly being a child and playing with Tobin Scott during the one idyllic period of her childhood. Orphaned, she remembers the aunt who wanted her and her playmate, and being happy for the first time. But all of it was taken away when she admitted to seeing a rider on the property so long ago, and gained the hatred of her old friend and a battle that threatens all she is now responsible for.

Tobin Scott, now Lord Eberlin, lost everything the day his father was hanged for a theft he did not commit. He has since blamed the child that testified and ensured his fate. Coming back for revenge, his path is clear. He will destroy Lily and all of Ashwood Manor.

But with her people going hungry, and the threat of losing everything she never really wanted looming over her head, Lily makes a deal to try to stall Tobin from destroying Ashwood. He offers to ruin her rather than the land. If she can put off her own deflowering long enough, perhaps she has a shot at saving her property and the people on it. But will Tobin tempt her into wanting him, and ruin her in more ways than one?

A sexy historical written by a gifted author, The Revenge of Lord Eberlin is a tale of seduction. Tobin is the kind of hero that any woman would fall for, riddled with weaknesses that only she can help, and yet devastatingly daring and passionate. A consuming need is built between the characters, and banter ramps the sexual tension to supernova like temperatures. All in all, a cannot-put-down read that defies the conventions of the day because what could be more improper than falling in love?

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