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The Highland Guard B Series
Book 1: The Chief
Book 2: The Hawk
Book 3: The Ranger
Book 4: The Viper
Book 5: The Saint

The Highland Guard, Book 6
ISBN# (13) 9780345528414/(13)9780345535993
30 October 2012
Ballantine Books
432 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Mary of Mar is a woman with too many ties to blood, war and death. After her Scottish husband is handed a traitor’s death, Mary swears to do all she can to stay out of the conflict. She has lost everything to the English, including her son, Davey. Not even an amazing night, spent enjoying the attentions of Kenneth Sutherland, can sway Mary from her position of non-involvement.

Kenneth Sutherland has only one desire in life–to be granted a place in Robert the Bruce’s elite Highland Guard. When he is given a chance to prove himself, he jumps at the opportunity, even though it requires him to play the part of an English sympathizer and spy for the Bruce. Navigating the precarious waters of English politics in search of useful intelligence, Kenneth is both elated and apprehensive to find Mary. One night spent in her company alters him irrevocably, but he must not stray from his mission.

The chemistry between Kenneth and Mary will not be denied. The passion between them is ignited every time they are together, though it does not change the wounds of the past. In the end, Mary must remember what it truly means to be a Scot and a patriot, in a world gone mad with politics and power. She must trust not only herself, but also Kenneth, a man with an iron will who shall never give up.

The Recruit is the sixth book in the Highland Guard series. It is difficult to imagine a happy ending set in such turbulent historical times, but Ms. McCarty manages to do just that. The blending of history and fiction strikes the perfect balance, achieved through the meticulous research and the understanding of a talented writer. Readers of historical romance will definitely want to add this series to their collection.

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