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ISBN#: 9780758238559
September 2010
Kensington Books
$ 15.00
395 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating 3 cups

Honor Thornleigh has struggled through much on behalf of her country and her people. In this continuation of her saga, Honor meets a young Elizabeth I and is struggling to help her through her time in captivity. Elizabeth has been locked up by her sister, Queen Mary, who is torturing the people of England during her tumultuous and self-centered rule.

Elizabeth meets through Honor her son, Adam. Adam is a daring young man who would risk his very life for the true queen of England. His devotion is put to the test as his mother and father fight to help Elizabeth become the queen her country needs her to be.

Through many near misses and desperate situations, will love of country or the love of a man come first for this young queen? And what will it all mean to the Thornleigh family who has fought for her?

Honor is getting a bit older in this installation of the Thornleigh saga. Although this doesn’t lessen her ability to fight for what she believes in, apparently it lessens the passion that drives her relationship as the interactions with Richard left you wondering why she had done so much to be with this man. Interactions between Elizabeth and Adam are slightly more loving, however Elizabeth herself often falls short of her historic beginning depth and seems almost vapid and selfish. Although a richly woven story and very historically fascinating, it took quite some time for anything to really happen to these characters. It does however manage to truly take you vibrantly into one of England’s more interesting periods and the reader will find themselves as captive as the uncrowned queen.

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