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Poke Rafferty Thriller Series
A Nail Through the Heart- June 24, 2008
The Fourth Watcher June 23, 2009
Breathing Water- August 18, 2009
The Queen Of Patpong- August 17, 2010

A Poke Rafferty Thriller
ISBN: 9780061672262
August 17, 2010
$ 24.99
310 pages
Suspense, Thriller
Rating: 5 Cups

Rose Rafferty has changed her name, her life, and what defines her three times so far in her life. When the past reawakens and threatens all that she has become, she must revisit even that farthest of identities, the one she was born to. Long ago there was a girl named Kwan, called Stork because of her ungainly height, who didn’t believe she was beautiful or strong… From Kwan was born the Queen of Patpong Road, dancer in Bangkok bars, Rose. Rose has morphed into a mother of a precocious daughter and wife to Poke. But will the dancer persona threaten her family, her security, her life?

Poke Rafferty, writer, has his family and is thinking of starting a business, when , at dinner, everything changes. When his sweet and brave little wife, former Patpong dancer, stabs a man in the hand over dinner, his happiness is suddenly precarious. He is sure he can help Rose and protect their daughter, Miaow, but he has to find out what is going on first, from Rose.

As Rose reveals to her family the secrets she thought she had escaped, the strength of the bonds of family is tested. Not only is there the outside threat of Horner but the internal struggle of a family to stay strong when faced with adversity.

A thriller and suspense with the strength of a family unit at its core, The Queen of Patpong is as rich as the culture and people that make up its multiflavored cast. From the bright lights and seedy streets of Bangkok’s dangerous Patpong Road to the quiet country life of a young girl, this story takes the reader on a journey to a far off place to find out that love is the same regardless of how far from home you may roam.

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