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A Blood Legends Novel 1
ISBN# 978-1-927368-47-3
January 31, 2012
Evernight Publishing
314 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Cups 3 Cups

Dr. Mona Laveaux’s life revolved around her job as a trauma surgeon at a New Orleans hospital. Her trip home to Bayou Lafourche on the Acadian coast, however, changed her life forever. The men who murdered her guardian called her a dog Voodoo Queen and witch before they died. The deaths caused her to question who—or what—she was and set her on a path through worlds she didn’t know existed seeking revenge against the forces who had murdered her guardian and destroyed her life.

Xander and Hunter, the reincarnation of the mythological Hero Twins, lead their races in the fight to stem the flow of evil from the Underworld. But the Nightkeepers and Daykeepers have their own rules. While Xander fights his attraction to Mona, Hunter vows to carry out the horrific punishments due to ones who would pursue the Protector, even his own brother.

Hunter is determined to mark Mona for his own. Mona, however, is fascinated by Xander, despite warnings from those who surround her. As she comes into her powers and learns her mission, she realizes she must walk a fine line between the one she loves and the one she needs. Despite her feelings, she must unite the Nightkeepers and Daykeepers to protect the human race from destruction by the Lords of the Underworld.

Ambrielle Kirk creates a rich world inhabited by creatures that live among the humans. As Mona is forced to survive in a world bound by ancient rules and expectations, Ms.Kirk manages a heart-warming transition from physician to savior of the world. And who doesn’t like to follow two delicious super-Alphas as they contend for the heroine’s affections?

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