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Priscille SIBLEY
ISBN# 9780062194176
2 April 2013
William Morrow
416 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Matt Beaulieu has married the love of his life–a beautiful woman he has dubbed Peep since no more than a tiny tot. It has taken a lifetime of shared ups and downs for Elle to agree to marry him. Now in their late thirties, the only thing missing from Matt and Elle’s life is the baby they have always dreamed of.

In a freak accident, Elle falls from a ladder and is rushed to the hospital. As a neurosurgeon, Matt knows Elle’s prognosis is not good. His beloved is brain dead, her body nothing but a husk and her spirit gone. After watching her own mother succumb slowly to a death prolonged by medication, Elle had always told Matt she would rather die peacefully than linger.

Then fate throws a curveball nobody could have anticipated. Elle is pregnant. The discovery sends Matt on a crusade to keep Elle’s body alive long enough to deliver. He will face down the anger and disgust of colleagues, their families and even the courts, in order to give this tiny speck of hope a chance to thrive.

Absolutely heart wrenching, Ms. Sibley weaves an incomparable tale of love and sacrifice. The story is told in snippets of time that may be confusing, if a reader were ever inclined to set the book down and then pick it up later. The writing is intensely emotional, the material controversial and the result spectacular. Definitely a book that will leave you asking questions with no easy answers.

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