Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781926950730
Evernight Publishing
76 Pages
BDSM Steampunk Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Buck is a pirate now but he used to be a clerk in a factory and a bit of a doormat. When the airship he helps crew stops at a carnival, Buck does not even know if he wants to obtain a woman. Then he hears about The Red Lady.

Anisette is ready to leave her life in the Carnival behind. When she meets Buck, she knows he is the perfect specimen to take on her journey.

There is something about The Red Lady that calls to his need to be dominated. When she finally reveals her name as Anisette, he feels cherished. As she binds him to her both physically and mentally, he feels loved. When it is time for the airship to leave, will Buck go with it or will he stay with the woman who has shown him the way to true passion?

The Promise of Silk had some enticing moments that left you craving more. The way Anisette seemed to know exactly what Buck needed added extra components to the plot. Add in the sensual encounter between Buck and Anisette’s previous lover and you cannot help but feel the pages heating up. Ms. Duvalier has written an adventure that is sure to attract the BDSM fans as well as the Steampunk fans. Nicely done!

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