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The Prince’s Angel Series

Book 1: The Prince’s Angel
Book 2: And the Two Shall Become One
Book 3: Forever May Not be Long Enough

Legends of the Romanorum, Book 1
ISBN: 1-60370-000-5, 978-1-60370-000-9
March 2007
Torquere Press, Top Shelf
Print / E-Book
$13.95 / $7.99
181 Pages
M/M, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Hunting down rogue vampires is really not that difficult for someone like Cian Carmichael, but he fears that that is all about to change. The visions he is having are getting harder to ignore, and he knows that soon he will come face to face with his dreams.

In his position Mael Black must maintain very tight control over the vampires in his city or risk losing everything. Someone out there is trying to destroy what little truce there is with humans, and it is Mael’s job to stop them before it is too late.

Rogue vampires are cropping up everywhere in London, and Cian must make sure they are stopped before they spread beyond the city. His hunt has always been for rogues, and finding a young one who has not yet killed puts Cian in a position to finally meet Mael. They both feel an undeniable connection, and know without a doubt that any relationship they have will be complicated and dangerous, but they are helpless to resist. Cian and Mael must go up against a common enemy, one that could very well be powerful enough to destroy one if not both of them.

If you have a driving need to read some really fantastic fantasy man on man action you need look no further! I have read many, many stories by these two excellent writers, and love the combination of wickedly good characters and their blistering hot love scenes. The fantasy element is played up just enough to keep things scintillating, but it always stays within the realm of credibility. I love Cian and Mael’s ferocity and the lengths they must go through to be together.

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